We are so excited to be performing our shows live again, it has been a tough couple of years and there have been many difficulties keeping Theatrics alive, but thanks to you, our dedicated students and supportive families we have come through and are once again happily rehearsing for our big summer shows!

This year we literally TURN BACK TIME and bring to the stage a host of memorable songs for all ages. Starting with the Caveman and Dinosaurs we take you through ancient Egypt, the Medieval times, Shakespeare's Globe, the Flappers and Gangsters of the Thirties through to wartime England, and that's just the first half! We then visit the Fifties, Sixties and groovy Seventies the big hair Eighties and Friend's Nineties, 2000 and the Millennium, the Noughties right up to the present day!!

Come and join us, just call 07905 222418 or email nicky@theatrics.biz and book your tickets!