Theatrics Uniform

Theatrics colours are black, white and pink; uniforms and shoes may be purchased at the school from our collection of dancewear and gifts. Although we offer a full range of dancewear for sale the only requirement is a Theatrics logo T shirt (after the second class); trousers and shoes may come from other sources provided they are suitable.

Performance Classes / Stage Kidz / Street Dance

Theatrics logo T-shirt, black sweat pants / dance trousers and black pumps or dance shoes. (Shorts may be worn in warmer months.)

Ballet Class

Leotard (plum coloured), dance skirt (plum coloured), white ankle socks, headband, ballet shoes.

Advanced Dance Technique

No uniform is required for these groups but dance shoes are essential.

Spectrum Workshop / Adlib Theatre Company

No uniform is required for these groups but clothing and shoes must be comfortable for movement.

Optional Items / Accessories

Theatrics logo items include - sweatshirts, fleeces, tote bags, monostraps, drinks bottles and hooded sweat shirts.

Students of Theatrics are encouraged to take pride in their appearance; hair should always be tidy, uniform clean and well maintained.